Android 911 reboot issue isn't just a OnePlus 5 problem

Yesterday, we told you about a OnePlus 5 user whose phone would reboot every time they made an emergency call. A few other OnePlus 5 users were able to replicate this issue, which made it seem like the latest phone from OnePlus shipped with a pretty major problem. Today, however, we're discovering that the problem may extend beyond the OnePlus 5 and affect other Android headsets.

As was the case yesterday, our focus today lies with a thread on the Android subreddit. In the time since that first thread about the OnePlus 5 was created, a handful of other Android users have come forward with 911 issues of their own. Reddit user aghatak has compiled a list of all of these relevant posts in a single thread, and it paints an interesting picture, if not one that's a little disjointed.

That thread shows users reporting that their Galaxy S7, Galaxy S5, ASUS Zenfone 3, and Sony Xperia Z3 all suffer from the same problem. All of the threads or comments linked in this collection were posted within the last couple of weeks, so it seems we might have a relatively new issue on our hands. Here's where things get a little more complex, though, because in that same thread there are links to users claiming that they weren't able to replicate the issue on the Galaxy S7 or the OnePlus 5.

So, where ever the issue lies, it seems to only be affecting some users. It also appears that this could be an issue with Android itself or even one that's limited to certain carriers. Until the manufacturers behind the affected phones investigate, though, we probably won't know for sure what's causing this issue.

Whatever the cause, hopefully it gets sorted out soon. Having your phone reboot while you're trying to make an emergency call is definitely not ideal. If you're curious if your phone will reboot while trying to dial an emergency number, keep in mind that you should absolutely call your police station's non-emergency line to set up a test call first. Have any of you had issues with this? If so, what phone were you using? Head down to the comments section and share your own experience with us.