Android 4.3.1 update hits Nexus 7 LTE tablet

Shane McGlaun - Oct 4, 2013, 5:09 am CDT
Android 4.3.1 update hits Nexus 7 LTE tablet

Android tablet fans have gravitated towards Google’s line of Nexus tablet devices for good reason. The tablets are typically priced reasonably, have nice hardware, and you can always count on them being among some of the first devices to get new Android updates. Google has tossed a new version of Android out for Nexus 7 LTE users without bothering with any fanfare.

Word has surfaced that Android 4.3.1 is currently rolling out to Nexus 7 LTE tablet users. The tablet hasn’t been available very long in the United States, in fact it’s not yet certified by Verizon to operate on its network.

Google had previously made Android 4.3 factory images and binaries for the Nexus 7 LTE tablet available for modders and developers to fiddle around with. The Android 4.3.1 update features a host of improvements for tablet performance and stability, as you would expect with any new Android update.

The update also brings new features to users of the tablet including allowing the creation of restricted profiles. Those restricted profiles will allow parents to block kids from accessing things they are not supposed to fiddle with and to allow the tablet be used in a kiosk setting. The update also adds the Google Keep note taking app. The update is 9.42 MB in size, and is rolling out in a staggered fashion. We reviewed the Nexus 7 tablet previously if you aren’t familiar with the hardware.

SOURCE: Android Community

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