Android 2.2 Froyo for Nexus One released

Chris Davies - May 22, 2010

Keen on some of that fine Froyo action on your Nexus One? Having first told us to expect Android 2.2 in the “next few weeks”, it seems Google have forged ahead with their initial distribution of the updated platform. Review Nexus One units were the first to get offered an OTA update, and now there’s a download link for everyone else.

xda-developers have done their usual wizardry and released a generic Froyo download which can be installed as long as you have a basic unrooted, stock Nexus One ERE27 (you can check that by going to Settings and choosing “About Phone”). The update process is apparently straightforward, and it’ll even leave your existing settings, wallpapers, apps and other customizations in place; still, as with any significant software change we’d recommend doing a backup before you start.

Curious as to what Android 2.2 gets you? The headline features are a mean boost of speed, Flash 10.1 support and WiFi tethering; check out our round-up from Google IO last week for all the details.

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