Android 2.1 for Motorola DROID delayed

So close, but no cigar.  Having whipped Motorola DROID owners into a great frothing heap of anticipation regarding the promised Android 2.1 update, the latest to leak out of Verizon is that the OTA firmware has been delayed.  "The OTA software update for the DROID by Motorola is TBD" reads the message on Verizon's internal systems, "A new date will be communicated as soon as possible."

So far there's no sign of a replacement timescale for the update, which users were expecting to begin receiving today.  Neither is there any hint from Verizon as to what might have impacted on the upgrade; there's talk of some sort of last-minute bug, but nothing official.  Still, it looks like DROID owners can stand down from OTA alert, there may be some wait involved.

[via SlashPhone]