Android 12 DP 1.1 released today with battery fix, issue cleanup

A new release of Android 12 in a Developer Preview version 1.1 was delivered today, March 3, 2021. This release was given build number SPP1.210122.022, complete with emulator support including x86 (64-bit), and ARM (v8-A) just like its predecessor. This release includes a March 2021 security patch and Google Play services 21.02.14.

This version of Android 12 includes a collection of fixes for issues that appeared with the first Developer Preview of Android 12. This version of the OS includes a fix for an issue that could cause some devices to reboot intermittently, and another that could cause some devices to reboot after PIN code unlock.

There was an issue (fixed here) where the Cell Broadcast Receiver app wasn't able to obtain the broadcast close system dialogs permission. This issue caused emergency alerts to crash – and it's fixed here. There was an issue where system UI would freeze after a user updated their device, and another where the Settings app could crash after the user tried to access notification settings for an app – those have been fixed, too.

An interesting issue having to do with the fingerprint reader made it "unresponsive" when the device was suspended. It would appear that this issue has been fixed with this release. A semi-related issue saw partial wake locks causing "excessive battery drain." That's been fixed too, per the release notes for this version of the software.

If you noticed a message "System UI keeps stopping" when you tried to take a screenshot from your lock screen, you weren't alone! Using your power + volume down buttons at your lock screen SHOULD be able to take screenshots now, so long as you've updated your device to Android 12 DP 1.1. An issue with intermittent disconnection from Wi-Fi should be fixed here, too. Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on Android 12 and recent updates!