Android 12 Beta 1 and GSI ready for your phone

Android 12 Bea 1 Generic System Image (GSI) was made available for download this morning before the official Android 12 Beta 1 for Pixel devices. GSI packages for ARM64, ARM64+GMS, x86_64, and x86+GMS are available for download now for the masses – though we'd recommend you be thoroughly in-the-know about how this software works and what a misstep can do before you make any download attempts or loading attempts as such.

If you have a smartphone that supports Project Treble, you should be able to work with one of the GSI packages released today. Users need an unlocked bootloader to get this party started, as well as a willingness to factory reset one's own device. This isn't the sort of process you do on your lunch break.

If you're looking for the regular Android 12 Beta 1, head over to XDA Developers where they have both the GSI and Beta 1 links you'll be looking for. You should be able to load the Android 12 Beta 1 if you have a Google Pixel 3, 3XL, 3A, 3A XL, 4, 4XL, 4A, 4A 5G, or Google Pixel 5.

If you download this software, know that you'll want to back up your data. Loading this software to your smartphone is not a great idea unless you do not necessarily NEED access to said phone or the information contained on said phone for the near future. It may work just fine, but it could go so very wrong – keep that in mind!

Android 12 had a bit of a preview for the people this afternoon, too. There you'll find all sorts of new colors and a new take on the user interface your smartphone will utilize for the foreseeable future. Does this look like the system you'll want to use on your Pixel, or your non-Google Android smartphone?