Android 11 update DP2.1 released with a fix for jankiness

Developer Preview build 2.1 for Android 11 was released this afternoon by Google for the masses. This new update was officially released on April 2nd, 2020, and is build RPP2.200227.014, with Google Play Services 20.06.15 and x86 (32/64-bit) emulator support. This is a relatively minor update to the otherwise most-recent release for developers, that being Android 11 Developer Preview 2, released March 18, 2020.

According to full release notes from Google, this update to Android 11 Developer Preview 2 includes a set of fixes for a variety of bugs found over the last couple of weeks. A pair of fixes are in for apps, and three fixes are in for General issues.

One issue fixed with this update had to do with a crash that'd occur when long pressing an element within Android's recent apps overview. Another had to do with a status bar crash. That crash could occur in the background "if its components weren't all initialized yet."

Another General Issue fixed with this update 2.1 would otherwise cause "jankiness" as well as dropped frames when navigating and scrolling apps. This jankiness was caused by the creation of too many WindowTokens in quick succession. That's (hopefully) fixed now, too.

There was an issue with Android 11 DP2.0 where the Wear OS app could crash when trying to pair to a Wear OS device. One other app-related issue fixed with this update had to do with the Settings app. That'd crash when the user would tap the search bar within said app. This update can be attained by hitting the UPDATE button in System Settings if you're already part of the Developer Preview program for Android.

Take a peek at the timeline below for additional recent updates to Android. This next-generation Android update is not yet named with any specific tasty treat dessert nickname – but it might never have a nickname as such. We shall see!