Android 11 public beta release date revealed as virtual event nears

Today Google revealed the release date for the first public release (in beta format) of the next major version of Android. That'll be Android 11, the Android 11 public beta, and it'll be revealed during a live stream that'll take place on June 3rd, 2020, at 11AM ET. That's 10AM Central Time, 9AM Mountain Time, and 8AM Pacific Time.

It's likely that the live stream will take place before the release of the public beta for Android 11. It's QUITE likely that the release will take place later the same day. We can't be 100% certain of the release time as of yet, since a lot can happen between now and then. The live stream is said to contain "news, updates, and announcements" about a range of subjects for Android 11.

The Android 11 update is tipped (by Google) to include significant modifications and updates to connectivity, controls, safety, security, productivity, and accessibility for mobile devices. Featured speakers for the streamed event will include Dave Burke, Google Engineering VP, and Stephanie Cuthbertson, Google Product Management Senior Director.

Above you'll see the announcement from mid-March of the Android 11 Developer Preview 2. Several developer-aimed updates to the platform have been released since the beginning of the year; the software that'll arrive on June 3rd, 2020, will be the first Android 11 that regular consumers will be able to access (without jumping through a significant number of hoops).

Above you'll see the YouTube stream where it'll all be revealed! The Android 11 Beta Launch Show, as Google's calling it, will reveal the software that everyone can use. It's important to note that this software will still be BETA, AKA not necessarily perfect. Users will gain access only if they suggest they're willing to send notes to Google about the things that work and the things that still need more work before they're ready for prime time!