Android 11 DP3 out now with note on Open Beta release

The software Android 11 Developer Beta 3 was released this afternoon for all those people with an itchy trigger finger and a taste for software danger. This software was also released by Google to get feedback from developers of Android apps and in hopes that intrepid users would assist in troubleshooting what they've made so far. This software was released for Google Pixel 4, 4XL, 3a, 3aXL, 3, 3XL, and Pixel 2, 2XL. This software is not available for the original Google Pixel.

Developer Preview 3

Android 11 Developer Preview 3 was scheduled for release in April of 2020 – and here we are on April 23, 2020, and Developer Preview 3 for Android 11 is out and available. This is what Google described as an "incremental update for stability and performance," but is also the iteration in which Google suggests they're getting apps ready for the consumers Beta release.

Google suggested to developers to "Continue compatibility testing, publish updates without changing targeting, [and] Notify SDK and library developers of any issues."

Below you'll find an April update from Google Developers on the then-latest in Android 11. There are some hints at what's been released today, as well.

Public Beta Update (a few weeks!) and reset

Google noted today that they'll soon have a more public sort of release (still in beta) soon. Specifically they said, "Caution: If you are not a developer but you want to try Android 11, please wait a little longer – we're expecting to open Android Beta enrollments in the next several weeks." The current timeline set by Google for this release is a general "May" block, but given the "April" release was on the 23rd of the month, we can pretty safely bet on a "late May" for public Beta.

If you're still feeling like you want to live on the edge, you'll either want to use the Android Flash Tool or to just flash your Pixel manually. In either case, the files to download are over at Android Developers right this minute. If you've flashed a version of Android and want to move back to the original factory settings, you'll want to head over to Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel devices at Google APIS for Android. You can also find Full OTA images of the latest available non-Beta version of Android for your Google device at Google Developers, too.