Android 10 Dark Mode update and 5x issues

Today we're taking a brief look at Android 10 (what once was Android Q) and it's most sought-after all-encompassing feature: Dark Mode. Before we get to launch for Android 10, quite a few items need to be addressed – and probably won't be, but we can dream! Users of a certain list of smartphones already have access to this Dark Mode via the latest Android 10 Beta – and as they can attest, it's not all its cracked up to be.

1. Gmail with no Dark Mode

So you've got a Dark Mode in Android 10, but Gmail has no compliance with Dark Mode. The app Gmail – the email app made by Google for almost every different piece of hardware in the world that runs Android, does not yet work with Android 10's Dark Mode. You'd think this would've been priority number 1, but nah, it wasn't.

2. Google Maps with no Dark Mode

Wait a second, you might be saying, didn't I use Google Maps in the dark just the other night? Didn't it switch to a sort of dark mode then? Yes, your Google Maps may well have switched from day to night mode. But Google Maps isn't affected by the Android 10 Dark Mode the way it should be (or at least COULD be) – instead it's still dependent on the time of day / lighting conditions in your vehicle.

3. Splash Screen switch apps

Several apps appear to be in compliance with the standard way in which Android 10's Dark Mode works – but they're not. Take for example the Google app Messages – on SOME phones (it would appear non-Pixel phones) there's a standard color (white) flash before the app loads in Dark Mode upon opening. This wouldn't be a big deal if it were fixed before the final release of Android 10 (non-Beta).

4. Home, Search, PlayStore suite

The cast of characters here doesn't end with the most popular Google-made apps. Apps like Google Search, Google Assistant, Podcast, Google Duo, Translate, Docs, etcetera. All of these apps still need Dark Mode activated before the launch of Android 10.

UPDATE: Apparently more apps aren't updated like Sheets, Slides, Wallpaper, Rewards, Tasks, and Podcast. Is two weeks enough to flip the switch for each of these apps?

5. Misunderstanding The Reason

We've been talking about Dark Mode for weeks, months, even years, for all devices – not just Android devices. Back in November of 2018 it was revealed by Google that they'd made a bit of a mistake when it comes to battery saving and Material Design. One of the major points of action in the Material Design initiative steered designers toward white – and white is the most battery-draining color in any smart device display.

Meanwhile it would appear that the whole initiative wont' do much when it comes to battery life unless you're using an OLED screen. That's assuming all apps are in compliance with Dark Mode... which they aren't. Stay tuned for the first week of September, when it's expected Android 10 will be released in full – we shall see!