Android 1.6 SDK released: more resolution support, CDMA [Video]

Google have released Android 1.6, the latest version of their open-source mobile platform.  Android 1.6's stand-out features are support for alternative screen sizes, CDMA support and a new text-to-speech engine.  The update means that we'll likely see more range of Android handsets on a broader range of networks.Video overview after the cut

Android currently offers native support for HVGA displays such as those found on the HTC range of handsets; anybody wanting something different had to develop it themselves.  With v1.6, Google have added QVGA and WVGA support, meaning larger and smaller handsets (likely more expensive and cheaper, respectively) are possible; as for applications, a new scaling algorithm means that developers may not have to rework their core software in order to suit the different displays.

Other changes include a Quick Search Box, which can also be integrated into third-party apps, and gesture APIs.  More details here and in the video below, and you can download the Android 1.6 SDK from here.

[via SlashPhone]