Analysts predict the computer mouse is dying

Analysts seem to be the most bored people on the planet, so instead of picking up a few video games and doing something constructive, they make predictions.  The latest and greatest is that the computer mouse will be dead in five years.

Instead of a mouse they are predicting we'll be using things like facial recognition systems, multi-touch and devices like OCZ's mind-reading Neural Interface Actuator.  I'm sorry but I really truly don't want to be sitting at my computer looking like this guy.

They back their statement up by saying that a mouse is fine when you're at your desk.  However, when you're using it for home entertainment or working on your notebook is where the issue lies.  Well I suppose only time will tell if Gartner's analyst Steve Prentice is right.  Someone should ask him for his prediction on when we're supposed to get those flying cars we were promised way back in the 70's.

[via switched]