An LED Coffee Table You Can Actually Buy

What is it about mixing LEDs and tables that people can't get enough of?  Hardly a month goes by without some spangly surface; we should be bored, but just like my addiction to lolcats I keep coming back for more.  Latest to tease my lust-pelvis is Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories' Interactive LED Coffee Table, which not only has the multiple pin-points of light that I so enjoy but makes them flock around your fingers as you wipe up spilt drinks.


Using entirely analog circuitry for that old-skool aesthetic, the table responds to movement above it – such as setting down a cup – and sends ripples out through the 480 superbright white LEDs.  The best thing about it is that you can buy one for yourself; okay, at $2,500 it's not exactly cheap, but you're getting a sodding nice table that's pretty unique.  Options include different LED colours and clear or frosted tops.


Because We Can product page / Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories project page [via Neatorama]