Among Us is free for just a bit, in the Epic Games store

This week the folks at Epic Games have a shockingly popular game available for your perusal. Generally this game will cost you around $5, depending on which platform you're aiming to play with. That's the price on the Epic Games Store usually. But as the Epic Games Store does from time to time, now, this week, Among Us is free for you to download.

The game is Among Us. You might've already played it on your tablet or smartphone or Nintendo Switch or Xbox One or PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. It is truly a game made for multiple screens. This is a simple game, one in which 4 to 10 players join in a match where you "attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure," but find that one (or more) of said players are Imposters "bent on killing everyone!"

Again, usually the game costs $5, but right now you can attain Among Us in the Epic Games Store for free. This game has a lot of potential add-ons that'll cost significantly more than the base game. You can get an Among Us Starter Pack for $9.99 with pets and outfits and such, individual pet packs, individual costume packs, and so forth. But the base game can be gotten right now for effectively no cost.

The catch is that you'll need to play the game with your Epic Games Store account active and the app downloaded. It's just like most games stores, like Steam, or the iOS App Store, or Google Play, where you need to have the app store itself on your device in order to play the game it hosts.

You'll still need to download the game, and keep the game's files on your computer. But so long as you hit the "buy" button before Among Us is set back to normal price, you'll get the game to keep forever, in your Epic Games Store account. This freebie ends on June 3, 2021, at 10AM. After that, there'll be another game that you'll be able to download for free in the Epic Games Store.