American Eagle puts iPads in every Manhattan store dressing room

American Eagle Outfitters has opened up a new store in Manhattan that includes a strong tech focus, namely the inclusion of an iPad in every dressing room. This is a first for American Eagle, but not for long: the company expects to expand the new design into some of its other stores. The iPads are just one part of an overall larger design that targets younger shoppers.

The new store is called AE Studio, and it is designed to be something like a hangout for younger shoppers who may want somewhere to chill out. The store lures in potential customers with things like free laundry machines, available power outlets, and a lounge on its upper floor. Of course, there's also the store where customers can shop.

Each dressing room in this store has an iPad that enables the shopper to browse everything the store has to offer; the tablet also serves as a way to summon store attendants if needed. If you do call an attendant, it is possible to complete a sale directly at the iPad in the dressing room, then leave the store, eliminating the traditional standing-in-line practice.

Is the store missing your size? You can use the iPad to order the size you want directly, setting it to ship the clothes to you directly. The store is also using some iPads near its jeans displays to show how the options fit when actually on someone.

Retailers have long considered technology as a way to increase sales, but clothing companies have been slow to utilize it in-store. Tablets like the iPad coupled with custom apps give users a potential way to "try on" outfits without actually putting them on, to get recommendations about which outfits look better, and more. Amazon has notably introduced some of this tech.

SOURCE: Business Insider