AMD teams with GameFly for major gamer push

It appears that AMD is bringing the heat back to the world of gaming, or at least some pointed focus, with a deal they've struck with GameFly. This online video game rental and PC download service has a membership program which will be given for free (for 30-days) to purchasers of any of several new AMD processor packs. This membership also includes a 20 percent discount on brand new PC game purchases via GameFly's own PC store.

It is with great pleasure the AMD crew offers this fabulous deal up with any of the following: AMD A-Series APUs, AMD Athlon II CPUs, AMD Phenom II CPUs, or AMD FX Series CPUs – select models of each, of course. GameFly is certainly up for a new partnership here and there, and with AMD's support in the form of hardcore gaming enthusiasts being ushered into their ranks, they can expect some hot growth in the coming season. AMD is also pointing toward their AMD Gaming Evolved program here whose mantra is none other than "Gamers Come First!"

What AMD and GameFly have to prove now is that not only are they both dedicated to bringing sweet games and sweet gaming to the world for PC users. They've got to show these users that the games work fantastically with the AMD processors they've just purchased. Of course one goes hand-in-hand with the other. It just makes sense!