AMD set to reveal Radeon HD 5830 next week?

The last time we talked about the Radeon 5830 GPU we had heard that the GPU was delayed due to some sort of last minute issue. Reports are now coming in that claim AMD will launch the HD 5830 video card next week ahead of CeBIT. If true that would mean the last minute issue was a small one if it existed at all.

The specs for the HD 5830 include 1280 stream processors, 750MHz core clock, and 1GB of GDDR5 clocked at 4000MHz. The same reports also claim that after CeBIT AMD will unveil another version of the HD 5870 called the Eyefinity 6 Edition. The Eyefinity version has the same hardware specs as the stock card.

The standard version of the 5870 gets DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort outputs. The Eyefinity version trades those connectivity options for six mini DisplayPort connectors and an extra gigabyte of VRAM for 2GB total. That will mean the single video card can support six displays. Somewhere a gamer is drooling on their keyboard right now.