AMD-powered XPPhone gets pics and price

Shane McGlaun - Jan 19, 2010
AMD-powered XPPhone gets pics and price

We have been hearing about the XPPhone for a while now with hands-on videos seen and a myriad of specifications known about the device. One key bit that we didn’t know was exactly how much the XPPhone would cost. The cat is now out of the bag with official pricing unveiled.

UMPCPortal reports that the XPPhone team has told it that the device will sell for 2999 to 4500 RMB breaking down to about $400 to $650 here in the States. The device runs on Windows XP and has AMD power inside. It packs a full QWERTY keyboard and should give the web experience we are used to on many smartphones today.

The little UMPC will offer voice calling capabilities and integrated 3G connectivity. The price is not cheap and the device will be relatively low powered in the UMPC segment. The XPPhone will be offered in white or black colors and availability information is still not known.

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