ITG xpPhone gets second video demo

Satsuki Then - Dec 28, 2009, 11:36 am CST
ITG xpPhone gets second video demo

ITG have released a second video of their xpPhone UMPC/smartphone crossover in action, and this time rather than merely show the boot sequence their demo shows the device actually working.  The clip – which you can see after the cut – starts with the xpPhone hooking up to a 3G network, before accessing IM and VoIP apps and finally browsing the web.

The xpPhone runs Windows XP on an unspecified processor, and packs a full QWERTY keyboard along with a touchscreen.  ITG are offering preorders for the handheld, which can be specified with various modular radios making it suitable for various GSM 3G standards in both North America and Europe along with CDMA/EVDO and TD-SCDMA/TD-HSDPA.

It’s not entirely clear why the xpPhone has captured so much interest (relatively speaking) where other MIDs/UMPCs have failed; potentially it’s down to the company emphasising its voice-call capabilities.  Still no word on exactly how much ITG will be charging for the xpPhone, though.

ITG xpPhone video demo:

[vms 065a1683c022d2077d34]

[via Pocketables]

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