AMD Ontario ultraportable CPU set for Q4 2010 release

Chris Davies - Jul 19, 2010
AMD Ontario ultraportable CPU set for Q4 2010 release

AMD’s Ontario processor for ultraportables and netbooks should see a release in Q4 2010, according to company CEO Dirk Meyer.  Speaking after AMD’s financial results call, which Seeking Alpha transcribed, Meyer confirmed that Ontario is now set to arrive “in the fourth quarter of this year, ahead of schedule”; the CPU couples the company’s low-power Bobcat core with integrated DirectX 11 graphics.

Meanwhile the first AMD desktop and server CPUs based on the company’s Bulldozer platform should begin sampling in the latter half of 2010, “and remain on track for 2011 launches” according to Meyer.  Bulldozer is a completely new 32nm core with shared L2 cache, improved power management and – perhaps of most interest – “significant performance improvements.”

Finally AMD’s Llano platform apparently remains on course for a release in the first half of 2011, targeting mainstream desktops and notebooks with their Fusion-based processing units.  Each unit can be turned to suit CPU or GPU crunching, and the chips include an integrated PCIe 2.0 controller, a dual channel DDR3-1600 memory controller and 1MB L2 cache per core as well as onboard graphics.

[via The Tech Report]

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