AMD Live! Pisces boards due in June

AMD is apparently set to launch its new entry-level desktop platform, known as Pisces, before September 2009, according to the company's motherboard partners in Taiwan.  Pisces is said to incorporate AMD's Athlon II processors  – Propus, Rana and Regor – and a new 55nm-based 780G+ IGP chipset, together with the ATI Radeon HD 4200 GPU.

That 780G+ chipset is set to go into design validation this month, according to the sources.  Motherboards using the design will then be showcased at Computex Taipei 2009 in June; AMD has only committed to launching Pisces in the second-half of 2009, as part of the AMD Live! range.

While Pisces is an entry-level solution, it's nonetheless expected to support above-1080p resolutions, 7.1-channel surround sound and 3D visuals.  AMD themselves declined to comment on "unannounced products".