AMD G-Series X embedded chips tip company's advance beyond PCs

With the AMD Embedded G-Series System-on-Chip, AMD will first be working with a single-chip solution that'll employ both AMD Radeon 8000 Series graphics and their "Jaguar" CPU architecture at once. This announcement of AMD's SOC design marks the company's rumored significant push beyond the PC industry for intelligent devices of all kinds.

Noting that they've got their eyes on intelligent machines from smart TVs to interactive digital signage, "informational kiosks", and set-top boxes, AMD has also made it clear that they're interested in jumping in on what's called "Surround Computing". This term is identified by AMD's Mark Papermaster as an era where computers become a seamless part of the daily lives of human beings.

Though AMD does mention through Papermaster that this Surround Computing era includes mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the G-Series being presented this season is being shown as extremely versatile, working even with deeply embedded and/or "headless" systems. These headless systems work without any input devices or displays, this requiring no graphics solution onboard – CPU power at the heart, that is.

With this first AMD Embedded G-Series SOC, the company supports both Windows Embedded 8 and Linux while working with a range of applications: electronic gaming systems, SMB storage, industrial control and automation, IP-TV, set-top boxes, digital signage, medical and network appliances. AMD has sent word that they'll have general availability for manufacturers of the AMD G-Series SOC in the second quarter of this year while market-ready products will be appearing soon after.

Have a peek at the AMD tag portal for more information on this series as it appears and watch closely as the company continues to advance beyond the standard PC market. This is an significant time for AMD as they continue to make interesting business moves and announce products at a rate not often seen by the company – stay tuned!

[via AMD]