AMD FX available for retail now, first ever eight-core desktop CPU

Today AMD has launched the AMD FX family of CPUs for sale today, this including the very first eight-core desktop CPU, one that last month set the Guinness World Record for "Highest Frequency of a Computer Processor." Retail availability starts here for processors that use AMD's newest multi-core architecture known as "Bulldozer", this included in AMD's upcoming server CPU known as "Interlagos" and the next generation of AMD Accelerated Processing Units. The top-end eight-core AMD FX CPU will be selling for $245 USA Suggested Retail Price, and we've got the lowdown!

As you may or may not know, all AMD FX CPUs come with completely unlocked processor clock multipliers for you overclocking enthusiasts out there. Don't burn down the house with all that power though, you'll want to use your Guinness World Record holder CPU to keep on giving you what you need at least through the rest of this description. All of these processors also use AMD Turbo Core Technology that "dynamically optimizes performance" across the whole set of CPU cores, this offering you the full benefit of the cores you so gratefully payed for in the first place.

Starting TODAY, AMD FX CPUs will be available around the globe. In this first launch, there are four options from the line, with many more on the way soon. Have a look at this list and see what you might be wanting to get:

• FX-8150: Eight cores, 3.6 GHz CPU base (3.9 GHz Turbo Core, 4.2 GHz Max Turbo)

$245 suggested retail price (U.S.)

• FX-8120: Eight cores, 3.1 GHz CPU base (3.4 GHz Turbo Core, 4.0 GHz Max Turbo)

$205 suggested retail price (U.S.)

• FX-6100: Six cores, 3.3 GHz CPU base (3.6 GHz Turbo Core, 3.9 GHz Max Turbo)

$165 suggested retail price (U.S.)

• FX-4100: Four cores, 3.6 GHz CPU base (3.7 GHz Turbo Core, 3.8 GHz Max Turbo)

$115 suggested retail price (U.S.)

Of course the fine folks at AMD also want you to know about how you can combine these new CPUs with a brand new shiny AMD 9-series chipset motherboard and AMD Radeon HD 6000 series graphics card as well, these two combining to create what AMD calls the "AMD Scorpius platform" for an "astounding gaming and HD entertainment experience." Of course this combo does offer more than simply an optimized experience as they hold hands together so well. With the Scorpius platform you get support for AMD CrossFireX technology, this allowing the combination of multiple graphics cards in a single PC, and AMD Eyefinity technology that'll support super resolution on up to SIX monitors!

Power for the power hungry and gaming elite! Grab it all now at your local retailer or at, what are you waiting for!?

What's that, you want to see the Guinness World Records video for this system? Have a look right here: