AMC prepping Internet video service (reportedly)

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 20, 2014
AMC prepping Internet video service (reportedly)

AMC is working on its own subscription video service, according to sources that spoke to Bloomberg. This video service will be streamed over the Internet, and will provide customers with access to “specialized” content, the likes of which are said to include documentaries.

Unfortunately, according to the source, you won’t be able to watch Mad Men or the likes on the service, meaning you’ll still have to get that content through other means. What other content besides documentaries that will be made available wasn’t listed.

The move is likely an effort to expand the network’s horizons and to keep pace with competitors, giving its viewing base an additional option for watching content and adding another revenue stream for the company. How much the service will cost subscribers wasn’t detailed.

Other companies are working on similar efforts — Dish Network, for example, is working on launching an Internet-based streaming television service that has been tipped to arrive some time this summer. DirecTV is looking into launching something similar.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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