Amber portable charging station brings Apple Watch battery mobile

Instead of having to carry along a whole dock to charge an Apple Watch, users will soon be able to roll with a case. The folks at Amber have created a portable charging station that looks like a jewelry case on the outside, sporting a charger on the inside (wireless of course), with the ability to hold a charge on the go. There's a battery inside, that is to say.

The watch-styled case measures in at 4.02 x 4.02 x 1.77 inches and weights 9.52 oz on its own. You might also compare it to the shape of an Apple TV, as its rounded corners and square body replicate the aesthetic of the television-based device.

This case comes in Black, Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold on the outside, white on the inside. In addition to being able to charge your Apple Watch, this case has a single USB 2A port that – with your own lightning cord – is able to charge your iPhone or iPad as well.

Inside is 3,800mAh worth of battery power. This battery is rechargeable, of course, and can be used just like a normal dock if connected to a wall socket.

This dock can be found on KickStarter with 27 days left to go as of the posting of this article. They're well on their way to succeeding in their goal of $50,000 with over half pledged already.