AmazonFresh Pickup is like a grocery drive-through

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Amazon is doing its best to make consumers get their products as easily as possible – after buying, of course. The easier and more convenient it is for every person in the world to purchase goods from Amazon, the bigger Amazon gets. The more successful Amazon is, the more ubiquitous it can be – hence the impending grocery store takeover with programs like AmazonFresh Pickup.

With AmazonFresh Pickup, users will be able to make a list of groceries they need with the Amazon app or Amazon online. Once they've made a list, they can set a time for pickup, and go ahead and pick up their groceries at the set time. They'll need to be in an area where AmazonFresh Pickup is activated, and they'll need to set their time for at least 15-minutes into the future.

The video above should adequately explain the program for those potential consumers who wish to give it a try. Everyone else – remember that Amazon is also planning a walk-in, pick-up, walk-out store called Amazon GO. With that store, users will be able to walk in and pick up groceries on their own, then walk out without needing to go through the cashier process.

This new AmazonFresh Pickup system is for Amazon Prime members only – if you'd not already guessed, that should be assumed. This is all also part of Amazon's plan to get every person on earth subscribed to Amazon Prime. While users must of course pay for their groceries, using AmazonFresh Pickup is no more expensive than that – there's no pickup charge.

At this time there are two locations open for AmazonFresh Pickup sales – one in Seattle's SODO neighborhood and another in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Amazon notes that the program is not open to the public as yet – for now its in Beta mode for Amazon employees only. Amazon has a get notified program started for when the AmazonFresh Pickup system is ready to roll.