Amazon Video now lets you download movies to SD cards

If you're an Amazon Video or Prime Instant Video user and you happen to be using an Android device, Amazon has rolled out a new feature that you'll probably be pleased with. Today the company announced that Android users can now download movies and videos to an SD card, removing the need to manage your device's (sometimes small) on board storage when you want to download a new movie or TV show.

Amazon says this feature is available to Prime Instant Video or Amazon Video users in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan, and won't cost Prime subscribers anything extra outside of their yearly subscription. Users looking to download videos to their SD card can set it as their primary location, and Amazon has also included a toggle feature for those who want to store some videos on their SD card and others on their internal storage.

Of course, some of you may be brand new Amazon Prime subscribers considering the annual Prime Day event that just took place a few days back. Amazon seems to primarily use that day-long sale as a means of netting new Prime sign ups, and even though Amazon didn't share any solid numbers when it came to how many new members Prime Day ultimately attracted, we're guessing it's more than a few. One of the perks of being a Prime member, aside from getting two-day shipping on a bunch of items across Amazon's store, is access to Prime Instant Video, which serves as Amazon's answer to Netflix.

For folks who don't have a Prime subscription, however, Amazon Video is still available. It's there that users can buy and rent digital copies of movies and TV shows without the need for anything aside from an Amazon account. Amazon says the ability to download movies to an SD card is available starting today, so if you're subscribed to Prime or frequently purchase movies through Amazon Video, go give it a spin.