Amazon to lease cargo planes, cut out the middle man

When selling goods online is your business, you need to make sure that your goods reach your customers in a timely fashion. We've seen Amazon take a variety of initiatives to get their products to your doorstep as quickly as possible, with delivery times as little as one hour. But now the company is setting their sights on something bigger.

Most deliveries from Amazon come through a carrier like UPS or USPS. Which means that once the package has been picked up by the carrier, Amazon has no control over it. But what if they were the carrier? That seems to be exactly what the company wants to do.

According to unnamed executives in the cargo industry, Amazon is looking to lease 20 Boeing 767 jets. With these, they would be able to ship products all over the country without relying on other players in the industry to do the work for them. This could potentially save them money, and more importantly, give them more control over when a package arrives.

This presents a new question though. Will Amazon stop at the airport, or will they be the ones taking the packages on the last leg of their journey? It's likely that they will still rely on other shippers to actually take the packagers to your door. Of course if they were able to use drones to make that last leg of the journey, they'd be set.

VIA: TheVerge