Amazon Smart Thermostat teams with Honeywell's Resideo

Today Amazon revealed their first Smart Thermostat, developed with Honeywell Home thermostat technology maker Resideo. This new device will cost approximately $60 USD and will work with Amazon Alexa and touch controls. Amazon suggested that users will be able to install this tech quickly and simply, and use the device with ease, too.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat was developed by both Amazon and Resideo (the makers of Honeywell Home thermostat), but it'll be sold by Amazon as an Amazon smart home product. This device will be very, very similar to the other touchscreen smart thermostat products sold with Honeywell branding, but it'll be part of Amazon's collection and branded with Amazon's logos.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat does not include any speakers or microphones of any kind. To work with Alexa, it'll need to connect with an Alexa-enabled device. You WILL be able to use the Alexa app, connected with this device wirelessly, or one of the Echo devices that appear in the device's listing on Amazon (Echo Dot 4th Gen, Echo Show 5 (2nd gen)). You will also want to "use the compatibility checker" in order to make sure this thermostat will work with your home.

This is one of a wide variety of products Amazon will be showing for the first time this morning on the 28th of September, 2021. It'll likely be a very home-oriented collection of devices that'll be low-cost and branded with Amazon's main or subsidiary brands. The vast majority of the products will be available on pre-order this afternoon with release dates later this year.

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