Amazon Prime Music “Prime Stations” mirrors Pandora

Chris Burns - Mar 23, 2015, 2:53 pm CDT
Amazon Prime Music “Prime Stations” mirrors Pandora

A new service has been introduced by Amazon that’ll bring on Pandora-like music streaming stations to the masses. This service works on the iOS app Amazon Prime Music app for iOS devices. This service works with an advertisement-free presentation with “unlimited skips” of music tracks. Each user will have personalized recommendations on Prime songs, playlists, and albums. This update for Amazon Prime Music also includes a new design made for easier browsing and exploration of music tracks, all in your Amazon Prime Music library.

This week Amazon is making Prime Stations available to several platforms, including Amazon online (in a web browser) and in app form for PC and Mac OS X. This service is also available on the Amazon Music app for iOS as well as Amazon Music for Fire Tablets.

At this time the service is not available for Android devices on Google Play.

Inside the app, users are given suggestions for what to listen to via stations. Each station plays one track at a time with thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. Each rating of a song results in the app gaining a deeper understanding of what the user likes and does not like.

Each music track playing can be added to the users library with an “+ Add” button in playback controls.

This feature launches with stations separated by genres. In the future, stations may be separated by albums, artists, and more.

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