Amazon Prime Instant Video finally bares its Netflix-fighting teeth

Chris Burns - Jan 2, 2014
Amazon Prime Instant Video finally bares its Netflix-fighting teeth

For quite a while now Amazon has been working with a service that it’s not taken the time to promote – one called Amazon Prime Instant Video. Launched all the way back in 2011, this service is one in which users are able to access a whole bunch of movies and TV shows with a series of apps for a variety of platforms. Sound familiar?

Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service is not one that, at first, seems like it’ll compete with the likes of Netflix. After seeing what very well may be the first TV commercial for Amazon Prime’s Instant Video service this past week, users like BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield decided it was time – Netflix is now in Amazon’s sights.

One line in-particular should strike the viewer as particularly Netflix-inspired goes like so: “Who needs to subscribe to another video service, you get video, great movies right there on-demand as part of Prime.”

If you’ve been working with this particularly well-stocked service in the recent past, you’ll have realized they’re ramping up. Amazon Instant Video already exists on both of the biggest gaming platforms in the land: Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as Android, iOS for Apple products, and more. It’s as if they’ve been preparing for war without a peep.

Now we’ll likely see a whole lot more where this single ad came from. Prepare yourself – the battle will rage in 2014.

VIA: Re/code

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