Amazon Prime Gaming is more than a Twitch Prime name change

Amazon re-named the entity known as Twitch Prime, a subscription service to the Twitch game streaming system. This is not an upgrade, nor is it a downgrade – it's juts a name change. Amazon owns Twitch, and with the name change from Twitch Prime to the more Amazon-like "Prime Gaming", we see a glimpse of the future of the platform.

Amazon knows the power of the brand. With Amazon Prime, Prime Video, Prime Reading, and others, they're well on their way to essentially owning the word "PRIME" in the minds of every human on the face of this earth. It was only a matter of time before Twitch Prime became Prime Gaming.

SO FAR it would appear that Prime Gaming will be the same service as Twitch Prime, with the same pricing and benefits. We'll report back if anything changes, as it changes.

It's almost more of a shock that Twitch hasn't had a name change since it became part of Amazon. Amazon acquired Twitch all the way back in August of 2014 for a mere $970 million in cash. Amazon Games is also still a separate service. Amazon Games is a development arm that creates games. Games like Crucible will eventually be able to be streamed through services like Twitch.

Amazon will also (eventually) release their own cloud gaming service, because everyone needs one, right? Back in November Amazon's cloud gaming service was given a bit of a chat. It was back then that we predicted some of this cloud gaming action in 2020.

Since then, things have changed just a bit – due in a LARGE way to our ongoing global pandemic, but also because Crucible didn't work out so well at launch. We'll see more action from Amazon's gaming arm by the end of the year, more than likely, with this cloud gaming system up front and center.