Amazon Prime Day 2020 may finally have a new date

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed or outright cancelled a lot of events over the summer, with one of the most notable delays being that of Amazon's Prime Day. Prime Day usually happens summer with a lot of fanfare behind it, but this year, Amazon opted to delay the event, noting that it still had plans to host Prime Day at some point later that its typical mid-July timing. As it turns out, Prime Day might be quickly approaching, with Amazon apparently planning to hold it in October.

So says The Verge, which has seen an internal Amazon email that says Prime Day 2020 will happen on October 13th and 14th. Amazon apparently plans to confirm these new event dates on September 27th and, according to a second email obtained by The Verge, isn't allowing employees to take vacation time between October 13th and October 20th.

Assuming these dates turn out to be true – Amazon only said to "stay tuned" for more information when reached for comment by The Verge – it would put Prime Day somewhat close to Black Friday, which is one of the biggest periods of the year for Amazon. Prime Day has been described as a summer counterpart to Black Friday since its inception, and its usual July timing meant that Amazon had big, site-wide sales roughly every half-year.

Prime Day started as a single-day affair when Amazon kicked off the yearly event in 2015, but with last year's installment, it morphed into a two-day sale. These leaked days obviously show us that the two-day format is here to stay, though whether or not the deals are good enough to warrant a two-day event is another discussion entirely.

So, if you were missing Prime Day in mid-July this year, it looks like the delayed event will be kicking off soon. We'll let you know when Amazon confirms the new dates, which should be happening in the next week if these rumors are indeed accurate.