Amazon Press Event on Wednesday: new, textbook-friendly Kindle?

Hot on the heels of the large-screen Amazon Kindle rumors comes the announcement of a press conference this Wednesday.  The conference, to be held at 10.30am ET at Pace University in New York City, looks to be Amazon's launch event for their newspaper- and textbook-reading device.

It seems unlikely that Pace University is a casual choice of venue.  Amazon have already profited well from the textbook industry, supplying printed textbooks as well as hosting the Amazon Marketplace for private sellers to offload old texts. 

Now, the company could capitalize on electronic versions of textbooks, cutting out their own storage and mailing costs in the process, and wirelessly delivering these to large-display Kindles.  The recent document conversion fee changes also seems to point to a recognition by Amazon that students will be looking to load their own texts and papers onto the ebook reader, texts which could well run to several megabytes and as such be considerably larger than the sort of titles existing Kindle owners are looking to load.