Amazon outs HDR Prime Instant Video plans for 2015

Amazon has quietly announced plans to add HDR video support to its Prime Instant Video service, with improved picture quality on the cards for later this year. The boost will come with Amazon's own Originals content initially, though the company says that it's working with Hollywood to deliver third-party shows and movies in HDR too. However, while the rollout may be fairly ambitious, not everyone will be able to enjoy it.

That's because you'll need an HDR-compatible TV in order to actually watch the content, and right now they're in relatively short supply. In fact, sets are only just appearing on the market in recent months, which means that you're highly unlikely to have one in your own living room currently.

It may well be worth considering an upgrade, mind. HDR video borrows from HDR photography, where frames of different exposure settings are combined to make a single shot with much better contrast, and promises things like improved luminance and colors.

Amazon says it's in discussions with tech companies and TV firms about pushing HDR video into the mainstream, though when content supporting it will be broadly available remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Prime Instant Video began serving up 4K Ultra HD footage in December last year, though viewers needed a decent speed from their internet connection in order to enjoy the improved resolution.

The first to get Amazon Prime Instant Video in HDR will be the US, UK, and Germany.