Amazon original series won’t follow Netflix release model

Craig Lloyd - Jun 18, 2013
Amazon original series won’t follow Netflix release model

Amazon recently picked Alpha House as one of its new original series coming to the company’s Instant Video streaming service. However, unlike Netflix, Amazon won’t be releasing the entire season all at once. It’s not certain what release model Amazon will use, but the company has said that it will indeed be a “different model.”

According to the show’s executive producer Jonathan Alter, the release model for Alpha House won’t follow Netflix’s model, but “it hasn’t been entirely determined” what the release model will be yet for the new Amazon original series. This means that Amazon won’t release all episodes of the show at once, but will most likely spread them out over the course of a few months.

Netflix has been known to release an entire season of all of its original series at once, such as House of Cards and the recently-released Arrested Development. It’s a model that not quite everyone can grasp at first, since not everyone is a binge-watcher like myself, but it can be nice to have all the episodes there when you want to watch them, rather than have to wait for them to release one at a time.

However, releasing all the episodes at once can kill the hype more quickly than if they would release an episode every week, and it eliminates the ability to converse about the show with friends without possibly spoiling endings, since some people may be further along in the series than others.

Alpha House is just one of the five original series that Amazon has planned. The company is also planning to film Betas, as well as three children’s shows: Annebots, Creative Galaxy, and Tumbleaf. Alpha House will most likely air later this year, and it could set the stage for Amazon’s other original series that they have planned.

SOURCE: The Wrap

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