Amazon Launches Home Automation Store

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We've seen a variety of home automation devices over the years, with products ranging from locks to lighting, external cameras, heating and cooling, and back again. Amazon, it seems, wants to make discovering these products a bit easier, and as such has announced the launch of its new home automation store, an aggregated collection of all things connected.

Such a launch comes at a time when the industry is seeing an increase in the number of home automation systems being implemented. In 2012, for example, ABI Research says 1.5 million systems were installed, and it is expected that number will rise to 8 million by 2017. The numbers are hardly surprising, however, given the rate at which mobile devices are being adopted and wireless technologies are improving.

As for the Amazon home automation store, it is as its name suggests — a collection of connected hardware and devices that allows one to remotely control certain aspects of their home. There are locks, for example, that allows one to enter the home via a PIN number or to lock/unlock a door using a smartphone or tablet.

Among the products, Amazon has also made guides and videos available on the home automation store to get consumers started with the process. The guide covers a gamut of topics ranging from convenience to security to elderly care, and hocks various wares alongside conversation on specific topics, such as communications and door locks.