Amazon launches booze (and more) delivery service in Seattle

Amazon has brought its Prime Now service home, announcing its launch in Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland, and Bellevue. With Prime Now, the retailer's Prime subscribers can get one-hour delivery for a variety of goods that would otherwise be ordered and shipped via post, including everything from a Kindle to a case of beer. Amazon says that "tens of thousands of items" are available for Prime Now delivery; the service has previously launched in other big cities and their surrounding regions, and will continue to expand into other cities in the future.

Amazon announced the launch of Prime Now in Seattle and the surrounding regions today. The company has been steadily working to expand its on-demand delivery services, and is reportedly toying with plans to open a drive-thru grocery store. With the latter store, assuming it comes to fruition, customers would be able to place an order through the Amazon app, then drive to the store some time later and have the items placed in their vehicle through a drive-thru.

In this case, Prime subscribers in Seattle can order one (or more) of the items available for Prime Now, and will receive the delivery within the hour if they opt for one-hour delivery, which has a $7.99 USD fee. Those who want free delivery will have to wait up to two hours for the delivery to be made. Prime Now service operates from 8AM to midnight 7-days per week.

To place an order, subscribers will need to download the Prime Now app, which is available for Android and iOS. If the service is not available in their location, the subscriber will receive a notification when that changes. Check out the timeline below for more recent news from Amazon!

SOURCE: Amazon