Amazon domain registered, next Kindle inbound?

There has been speculation for months now that a new Kindle eReader or two was inbound. Amazon has registered a new domain name that is called The thought is that the new domain registration hints at what the next generation Kindle will be like. The assumption that the URL hints at a product is an easy one since the registration of and come after word of social networking features surfaced.

The domain was registered by a firm called MarkMonitor, which Amazon often uses to register its domains. It's worth noting that the domain may be nothing more than Amazon protecting its trademarks. However, with all the rumors of new Kindles inbound, we suspect the URL will be used.

If Amazon actually intends to use the KindleAir domain, I wonder if the name hints at what we will see in the next Kindle. The MacBook Air for example is a much thinner and more portable version of the MacBook. It would be a natural assumption to expect the Kindle Air if it comes to be a thinner and more portable version of the existing readers.

[via Fusible]