Amazon Kindle Update to 2.5.2 Available for International Owners

For US owners of the Amazon Kindle, the update to 2.5 has been a very unique one. While it showed up on a Kindle DX for one lucky customer, so far reports haven't been all that "standard" for people with the Kindle waiting to get updated to the latest firmware. Of course, we're sure it's out there, somewhere. Making a few people happy. And while this download link has been available for a little while now, we wanted to go ahead and bring it to our international readers out there, that if you've got the right model of Kindle, you can manually update your eReader to the latest firmware.

What do you get if you do go through the trouble of downloading the update? Well, you don't have to wait for the OTA update, and that has to count for something. Features wise, you'll be able to share passes of your books on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and you'll also be able to sort your novels, and whatever else, into nice little collections.

Other features include password protection, as well as the ability to choose from new, larger fonts, just in case the ones you've been using for however long just aren't doing it for you anymore. So far, those on the forums who've downloaded the update say that everything is working great, but just the same, we recommend really doing some research with this. Manual updates are generally fine, but you never know what may happen when you take things into your own hands. Oh, and if you want to see if you've got the correct "international" version of a Kindle, find your serial number by going into your Settings and type in "411." Or, you can look on the back of your eReader. If you see "Boo2," then you aren't part of the international club, sorry. But, if you've got "Boo3," then you're good to go. If you take the leap of faith, let us know how it goes, all right?

[via Kindle Boards]