Amazon Kindle Sold Out: No Estimated Date of Availability

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To our recollection, this actually hasn't happened in quite some time. To be exact, in 2008, when it was the original Kindle. And, even then, Amazon managed to make sure they told customers when the Kindle would be coming back around, or shipping to their doorsteps. Not this time. All Amazon says right now is that the Kindle is temporarily out of stock, and that purchasers will get an email when the eReader gets an estimated delivery date.

So, what does all this mean? Well, in the short-term (which is probably the only real situation, mind you), it means that the Kindle is sold out. There must've been some crazy high demand for a mid-Summer shopping spree or something, and Amazon wasn't able to keep up with production. With that in mind, it probably won't be long at all before it gets back onto the digital shelves, and everything is right with the world.

Or... It means that there's a new Kindle coming. If you'll recall, a Bloomberg report suggested that "people in the know" were saying a new, thinner, sharper displayed Kindle 3 or Kindle "Slim" (that's a new favorite word, isn't it?) was coming some time in August. Well, unless our calendars are wrong, August is just right around the corner. Of course, unless it launches on August 1st, this may be too soon to pull the availability of their famous eReader.

There's no telling which option is actually happening here, as Amazon isn't coming out and saying anything quite yet. But, if a new Kindle is incoming some time in August, then any day now we should expect some kind of press release. We won't hold our breath, though. Anyone out there interested in seeing a new Kindle?

[via Amazon; thanks Johannes!]