Amazon Kindle DX quietly killed off

Back in August, Amazon was clearing out some of its Kindle tablets at significantly reduced prices. One of the Kindle tablets that saw a price cut was the Kindle DX. That tablet was available for 29% off making a discount of about $110 at the time.

Now that Amazon has unveiled its new Kindle Fire HD and Paperwhite devices, it seems no place was left for the Kindle DX. The significant discount on the Kindle DX was an effort to remove stocks ahead of the new products launching and Amazon is no longer selling the DX directly to customers. If you've have been wanting one of the larger Kindle DX readers, you can still get it used via third-party merchants on Amazon.

The indication that the DX is being removed from the Kindle line comes in the fact that there's no mention of when the device will be back in stock. The tablet has also reportedly been removed from the Kindle family box and the comparison tables of different Kindle models on Amazon. Taken together that indicates that the DX has, in fact, been discontinued rather than simply being out of stock.

The chance of a new model of similar size packing its own little keyboard coming aren't great. The market has shifted significantly towards tablets, and Amazon has done impressively well with its Kindle Fire line of tablets so far.

[viaThe eBook Reader]