Amazon Kindle 2 breaks cover? Sleeker casing, new joystick & mini-USB

Images purporting to be of the Amazon Kindle 2, the online retailer's follow-up to the wirelessly-enabled ebook reader, have turned up at the BGR.  Suggesting a physically larger device, with redesigned circular keys, newly shrunken page-turn buttons intended to minimize accidental flips, and a joystick that replaces the scroll-wheel, the Kindle 2 still has EV-DO connectivity but boosts internal storage to around 1.5GB.More images after the cut

That's a good thing, because the original ebook's SD slot has disappeared.  The back of the Kindle 2 has been redesigned also, losing the switches instead presenting a single, smooth metal panel with stereo speaker grills at the base.  The usual, angular styling of the first Kindle has been replaced with curves.

As for the most important thing, the screen, it's apparently the same size as its predecessor and still greyscale.  The increased heft of the design does make it look a little smaller, however.  Recharging and connectivity is via mini-USB, rather than a proprietary connection, and the whole thing feels sturdier.  That could be down to the non-removable back, which suggests a battery that cannot be user-replaced.

It's an interesting redesign, and it's already prompting some comments.  Non-owners of the original device seem to prefer the new, sleeker styling, while current owners are lamenting some of the changed buttons and controls, and suggesting that Amazon may have actually taken a step backward in prioritizing appearance over how the ebook actually works in a user's hands.