Amazon Go Comes To The Suburbs

Amazon is bringing its Amazon Go stores to a wider audience, opening its first locations in suburban areas, as opposed to the downtown metropolitan areas the company has favored to date. Amazon is currently the largest e-commerce platform in the world, but the company has been looking to expand to brick-and-mortar stores, albeit with a very high-tech twist.

Unlike a traditional store, with cash registers and check-out personnel, Amazon Go stores are designed to provide Just Walk Out Shopping. In other words, the store automatically detects when items are removed or put back on the shelves. The system uses a virtual shopping cart to keep track of your purchases, and when you're done shopping you simply walk out the door. Amazon will charge your Amazon account and send you a receipt.

The stores have been a popular option in urban areas, providing a quick and easy way for customers to stock up on the items they need without the hassle of a traditional store. In fact, thanks to their popularity, Amazon rival Walmart has been looking to roll out its own version of the cashier-less experience, beginning with Sam's Club Now stores.

Amazon Go Expands To The Suburbs

Following the success of its initial stores, Amazon is looking to expand to a wider audience. The company is moving into the suburbs, with the first store opening in Mills Creek, Washington in the coming months.

"We think local residents and commuters will enjoy the ease of our Just Walk Out Shopping to quickly and conveniently shop from an expanded selection of tasty, ready-to-eat food items and grab-and-go beverages and snacks in their own neighborhood," Amazon told USA Today.

Before shoppers get their hopes up over the prospect of seeing an Amazon Go store in their local neighborhood, Amazon is taking its expansion very slowly. At this time, only the Mills Creek store, and a second location in Los Angeles, have been confirmed. In fact, even in urban areas, Amazon Go stores are only in four states, with a heavy focus on major cities, such as Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco.