Amazon GameOn clip recording app arrives on iOS App Store

Mobile gaming is a big and lucrative industry these days but few have tried to grow it beyond just the act of gaming. Social platforms around games exist on consoles and PCs but the very few that try to bring that on mobile mostly revolve around live streaming games only, something that only more hardcore gamers and personalities are keen on doing. Amazon is aiming to make that social aspect of gaming more accessible to everyone with its new GameOn platform that has finally arrived on iPhones and iPads months after it launched.

Although it already owns one of the market's largest live streaming platforms for gaming, Amazon still opted to grow a new platform late last year. While Twitch centered around long videos last hours, GameOn was focused on sharing short video clips up to five minutes long. Think of it like the TikTok of gameplay videos compared to Twitch's YouTube.

Amazon GameOn went live November last year but was limited to the Android platform. That was probably due to some technical and legal issues Amazon still had to iron out, considering Apple has stricter restrictions when it came to screen recording apps. For the growing community of GameOn users, the wait is finally over and the app is now available on Apple's App Store.

GameOn lets players record video clips from 30 seconds to five minutes, showcasing special moments in-game or even brief tutorials. Rather than just immediately uploading these clips to the cloud, the app also lets gamers edit the videos to add commentary or even your face using the front-facing camera. A Recall Recording feature can also save your last 30 seconds up to 2 minutes of play.

It does, however, depend on the game being played but GameOn boasts that it is compatible with over a thousand mobile titles, including PUBG Mobile, Crossy Road, and even Angry Birds 2. Amazon, however, still has to release some stats showing how much the social platform has grown in the past four months since it launched.