Amazon Fire TV will get a big HBO streaming app change this weekend

Amazon Fire TV users will still be able to access to the HBO Now content library going forward, but the app itself will get a big change starting on August 1, according to a new report. The change will come amid the relatively recent launch of HBO Max and its slow expansion across platforms, underscoring the confusing nature of WarnerMedia's naming structure.READ: HBO Max goes live: Here's how it works with HBO NOW and HBO GO

It was confusing enough when consumers had HBO, HBO Now, and HBO Go to choose from — now toss HBO Max into the mix and many people have no idea which one offers what they're looking for. Things got extra confusing last month when it was revealed that the HBO Go name will be retired and that HBO Now will simply become 'HBO.'

Put simply, HBO Max is essentially a replacement for HBO Now, which is now considered deprecated. According to Variety, Fire TV users will see the HBO Now app change to simply being the 'HBO' app on the platform starting on August 1 — but nothing about access to the content itself should change.

This is important for Fire TV users as Amazon and WarnerMedia still haven't worked out a deal for bringing HBO Max to the smart TV platform. Fire TV customers who use the Prime platform also have the option of getting an HBO subscription through Prime Video Channels just in case you weren't confused enough.

The app rebranding on Fire TV is ultimately good news as the existing distribution deal for HBO Now on the platform will expire on July 31. This appears to be an extension of that deal, giving Amazon and WarnerMedia more time to work out a new agreement involving the HBO Max service.