Amazon expands Fire TV Live Channel guide

Amazon Fire TV users have a change to look forward to that is live as of today. Amazon has announced the expansion of providers for the Fire TV Live Channel guide, adding more than 400 channels from 20 different providers. The expanded Live Channel guide includes content from YouTube TV, Sling TV, Tubi, and its services, including Prime Video Channels and Prime Video Live events.

Amazon also says it will integrate IMDB, XUMO, Plex, and Amazon News app into the Fire TV Live TV channel guide. With those channels added to the guide, users can now see them in the Live tab and the Universal Channel tab. All of the services, except for Plex, are available now.

Plex will come soon, but an exact timeframe is unannounced. Amazon is also currently making all of the services and content from several other providers free to new customers. Along with the additional channels, Alexa support for all live TV programs has been expanded. With the Alexa expansion, users are able to navigate to specific channels or play live TV shows by name using Alexa commands.

When users turn on their TV with the change applied, they now see shows, movies, and sports rather than a row of apps. Amazon also promises to continue to invest in Live TV. Late in 2020, Amazon added Fire TV support for on-demand local news channels in 12 cities. That service will expand to 90 additional cities during 2021.

Late last month, Amazon added its Luna gaming service to Fire TV, and no invite was needed to join. The Luna gaming service launched last September and had been in early access requiring an invite to sign up. Amazon's move also eliminated the requirement for an invite to purchase the Luna controller.