Amazon Drive unlimited storage option no longer offered

Amazon has followed in the footsteps of certain other cloud storage services, dropping its unlimited storage option. The unlimited storage deal used to be available for the company's Amazon Drive cloud storage platform for $60, but now that $60 gets you a single terabyte of storage space. That's still a decent amount, but far less attractive for those in need of ample space. Unfortunately, an alternative isn't readily available.

While online cloud storage options are plentiful, including things like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and iCloud, unlimited storage options are less plentiful. We've seen deals pop up here and there, but more often than not they're revoked a bit after going live. Such was recently the case with Microsoft OneDrive's transition from unlimited storage to 1TB.

If you signed up for the unlimited storage deal while it was available, you'll continue to enjoy that unlimited capacity until your plan expires, after which point you may pay generously depending on how much data you've uploaded. The Amazon Drive plan page currently shows options ranging from 100GB for $11.99/year to 30TB, which is a higher $1,799.70/year.

It doesn't appear that Amazon is doing away with its unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prime members. If you're not fond of Amazon Drive for whatever reason, there are many alternatives, though some are more expensive. Google Drive, for example, offers a 1TB storage plan for $9.99/month, which works out to nearly double the cost of Amazon's 1TB plan.