Microsoft OneDrive 'unlimited' storage's 1TB limit goes live

Microsoft's OneDrive storage had a bit of a tumultuous couple years, with the company first giving certain customers unlimited data and then later rescinding the 'unlimited' part of that equation when people starting using it in an unlimited fashion. While the change wouldn't happen immediately, we knew it was coming and received more details this past December: that unlimited storage would become 1TB of storage starting on March 1 — that is, yesterday.

The issue started when Microsoft gave Office 365 subscribers unlimited cloud storage via OneDrive. The company has apparently surprised to find out that its users utilized the unlimited storage in exactly the way one should: in an unlimited way. Microsoft called this high-level usage 'abuse' and decided to limit everyone as a result.

The company gave its subscribers at least a year with the unlimited storage, and hadn't said at the time when the change would take place. After several months, though, people began noticing a message in their account saying the storage would revert to 1TB starting on March 1, 2017.

Though the change officially took place yesterday, some users were still seeing unlimited storage, and may still be seeing that today. That's because it will take up to 48 hours for the change to rollout to everyone, and so by the time tomorrow morning comes around, you should definitely be seeing the new 1TB cap. If you have more than 1TB of data currently in your OneDrive account, you'll be given three months to move it elsewhere.