OneDrive starts cutting free storage down to 5GB

Last November, Microsoft advised OneDrive users that some big changes would be coming eventually — that OneDrive storage would be decreasing from 15GB to 5GB, that Office 365 users wouldn't be getting unlimited storage, and the 15GB of camera roll storage would be removed. Microsoft gave its users a chance to opt out of this change; those who missed the memo are now receiving warnings that their OneDrive allotment is about to be slashed.

The original announcement didn't sit well with OneDrive users for obvious reasons: not only was it getting rid of the 15GB it had given users, it was also reducing the level to something lower than the 7GB it had offered before the 15GB increase. Those who forgot the change was coming are now getting a warning email.

The email reminds users that the data is being slashed — and for some that has already started, though the change isn't officially supposed to take place until July 27. The email lets the user know whether their current level of stored data is above or below the 5GB threshold. If your level is higher than the 5GB limit, you better move quickly to offload some of it before your data disappears.

If you're affected and need more than 5GB of storage, you can get 50GB for $1.99/month. If that's also not enough, you can make the OneDrive + Office 365 leap; though, as mentioned, it no longer comes with unlimited data, it does give users 1TB of personal storage for $6.99/month. If that isn't agreeable for whatever reason, there's always Google Drive, iCloud, Box, Dropbox, and other options, as well.